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who went home on DAISY OF LOVE? + recap! + kind of exclusive spoiler!

this one was JUICY, so I recapped for you guys.

even though Daisy said last week she does not "condole" violence, this week the boys went head to head in a cage fighting challenge, "to let off some steam". We also find out Sinister has a small peepee (fucking hell, of course the one I think is hot) because he says, quote, "this cup goes from my belly button to my butthole, dude!" to which someone replied "i got the large and it's so tight!"

the fights were as follows:

*~♥Fox♥~* tapped out after 30 seconds of fighting Chi Chi. the winner of this fight would fight Sinister, who is also in their weight class

12 Pack tried to win against Big Rig, who is actually a pro fighter! spoiler: Big Rig won.

Flex beat Franken-Penis (6 Gauge) in 39 seconds. quite uneventful.

in true unpredictable VH1 form, the two bffs, Chi Chi and Sinister fight each other. Chi Chi says he doesn't want to hurt "his litle best friend" and plays nice, but Sinister kept throwing punches and really fighting, and hooks him and knocks him down. Chi Chi choked out Sinister like a bitch, and then they hugged it out.

Big Rig, Chi Chi, Sinister and Flex all get dates with Daisy.

Big Rig is MVP and gets a solo bubble bath date with Daisy. He tells Daisy he's falling in love with her, and gives her a picture of his son. Daisy thinks its cute, but kinda "creepyish" and is afraid she'll hurt his feelings if she doesn't accept it. A+ Daisy!

6 Gauge admits to Daisy he is a male stripper and used to hustle girls for money outside the club. Daisy, who used to be a stripper, is appalled by this, and says she did it for the performance aspect, not because of the money. Riiiiight.

Flex and 12 Pack are pitting Sinister and Chi Chi against each other, and voila! it's working. Their date, with Flex, were getting tattoos with Daisy in the "tattoo parlor" lounge of the house. Daisy got some flying-v and lips with stars shit. Sinister wanted Daisy's lips on him, but Chi Chi, like the creepy bitch he is, steals the idea. Sinister ends up getting the nickname Daisy gave him on the show done on his wrist. Flex gets his tribal shit leftover from the 90s redone. Daisy says "it looks like Mortal Kombat!"

Flex, as part of his master plan, brings up the fact that Chi Chi and Sinister live together, and if one gets picked over the other, how they would feel. Chi Chi lies and says he just wants Daisy to be happy, and Sinister says he'd turn to the sauce. At this point, Chi Chi is really coming off as a creepy fuck moreso than usual. He even says "Any day I can make Daisy happy is a good day for me."

During tattoos 6 Gauge realizes he's in danger of leaving, so he leaves a plate of rose petals on Daisy's bed for her. Yum-o!

*~♥Fox♥~*'s brother calls and says his CURRENT GIRLFRIEND (referred to in code as "Wolverina") is aware he ran away and went to do the show. *~♥Fox♥~* tries to speak in "g-language", but sounds like a baby and even his own brother can't understand that fool. They both agree *~♥Fox♥~* should stay on the show, despite his girlfriend threatening to go to the house, so he can win Daisy, and in his words "have her as my girlfriend". His brother tells him to "rock that shit". I have a feeling when they were born, the doctor slapped their mother.

*~♥Fox♥~* goes to 12 Pack, like an asshole, and tells him his situation. Turns out Wolverina not only doesn't know he's here, but it's his girlfriend of 2 YEARS. 12 Pack states the obvious and says to go tell Daisy.

Guess what?

Daisy doesn't take it well, that fucking hypocritical bitch! WHAT ABOUT CHARLES DAISY!? HUH? *~♥Fox♥~* keeps backtracking with his lies, and half lies instead. He basically convinces her that his situation with Wolverina is much like her's and Charles' was, which we all know is not the case.

Riki the Sage says to dump *~♥Fox♥~* RIGHT NOW. He also says 6 Gauge doesn't seem to be a good fit for Daisy because he's too laid back.


12 Pack

6 Gauge



6 Gauge, for lack of a connection.

*~♥Fox♥~* lies AGAIN and says he broke up with Wolverina months ago to Riki and Daisy, in front of all the guys. We all know he's lying, but Daisy doesn't know that

next week: everybody's throwing shit everywhere, Sinister writes a song for Daisy and fucks it up AAAAAND


aaaaaaaaand for all the people, who every week say "oh, i wonder what she looked like before", DAISY BEFORE AND AFTER SURGERY:


I, the OP, stating MERELY AS AN OBSERVED CONCLUSION, think London is coming back. I rewatched the super-trailer for some spoilers now that the show is well underway and there is a scene of Daisy and London having a picnic together.

super trailer, it's about 3/4 of the way through:


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