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weeds season 5 Pictures, Images and Photos

THE PREMIERE AIRS ON SHOWTIME TOMORROW NIGHT AT 10 PT/ET. Season five of Weeds kicks off with the first of 13 new episodes with an episode entitled “Where We Left Off…”

In celebration, and to test our resistance to temptation, I present to you a compilation of promos, clips, behind the scenes footage, reviews and interviews.

All contain spoilers!

Season 4 recap:

This season on WEEDS, Nancy's (Parker) pregnancy brings security, then jeopardy and maybe the end of Esteban's (Demian Bichir) political career; Celia's return to Ren-Mar brings a powerful new job prospect, Andy's (Justin Kirk) new love interest brings unexpected consequences; and Doug (Kevin Nealon) and Silas (Hunter Parrish) open a new pot club.

Plot highlights:

Andy continues to be obsessed with Nancy
Esteban demands proof of Nancy’s pregnancy
Silas and Doug become BFFs (bong friends forever)
Shane gets to bond with his aunt Jill, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh
Celia gets stuck in Mexico with no friends — and lots of enemies

Alanis Morrisette The multiple Grammy-winning singer/songwriter will guest star as a no-nonsense clinic obstetrician, "Dr. Audra Kitson," who treats Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) in at least seven of the season's 13 episodes.

Jennifer Jason LeighThe award-winning film actress will take on the role of Jill Price-Gray, Nancy Botwin's (Mary-Louise Parker) older sister in the fifth season of SHOWTIME's highest-rated comedy series WEEDS, premiering Monday, June 8th at 10pm PT/ET. Leigh will debut in the season's second episode (June 15th) and appear in at least two episodes.

This season, as Nancy finds herself and her family in harm's way, she sends Andy (Justin Kirk) to take her son Shane (Alexander Gould) to live with her estranged older sister (Leigh). But when Jill gets fed up with her own suburban family, she finds her way back into Nancy's life, jealous, frustrated, and intent on finally hashing things out with her little sister.

SofaChip’s Advance Review of Weeds’ Season 5 Premiere “Where We Left Off…”

Well, Weeds Season Five starts up this Monday on Showtime - which was good enough to give me a screener for the first three episodes - so I thought I'd report back to you here with a generally spoiler-free preview (meaning, I'll let you know about general tone but not specific events)....

First, you may recall that we left off last season with Nancy pulling a powerful trump card in what had become a life-and-death game with Esteban. He was set to kill her, having found that she revealed information about his drug lording to the Feds, when she revealed to him that she was carrying his baby, likely a boy.

Season 5 picks up right at that dramatic moment.

A lot was written in the media, last year, about how Weeds had grown darker. That was true, and is even more the case this year. Glints of off-guard hilarity still shine through, but they're fewer and further between the desperation of Nancy's situation.

On the bright and even sweet side, Andy's off to his best season ever, Shane's growing up, and Silas is as good as ever. But Celia's crazier than ever - or, at least, her situation is - and Doug's funnier role is even shorter, so far, than in any previous season.

Nancy's slightly older sister Jill is an attractive addition, and she's wonderfully played by Jennifer Jason Leigh - a lot like Nancy, but a little different.

I'm keyed to see where this season of Weeds will be heading. At this point, it feels closer to The Wire and even The Shield than to the story of little boxes we enjoyed for the first three years. And that's ok - indeed, high praise - but just very different.

SofaChip’s review of premiere

The most pressing matter in Nancy Botwin’s life seems to be the fact that her boyfriend (also a Mexican drug kingpin) knows she talked to the Feds, and consequently wants to kill her. Except - oops. She’s pregnant with his kid. And that’s the only thing keeping her alive, for now. Apparently you don’t die for betrayal when you get pregnant! If you think she’s in for a smooth ride, you’d be wrong. Then again, when is Nancy’s life ever uncomplicated?

Another shocker from last season was when we saw the return of Quinn - only to realize that she had a plan to ransom her mother back to suburbia. I always wished Quinn would return, and I never suspected it would be like this. Celia doesn’t have very good luck, and the kidnapping does not go orderly. Maybe Quinn has bad luck, too. Could it be hereditary?

Andy is awesome as usual. He has one quote in this episode that goes, “They’re cats. Mexican cats. Gatos.”

As for our favorite brotherly duo…well… Silas and Shane explore their new brotherly dynamic as Shane is coming up in the world of popularity at school. Shane seems to be a rebel these days. Wonder where he gets that from?
Every season of Weeds brings drastic changes. Nay - every episode of Weeds brings drastic changes! Which means you can’t miss a single one. But that’s okay - I know you wouldn’t want to anyway.

Exclusive: Mary-Louise Parker: "I'm Always Naked"

The star of Showtime's Weeds (Season 5 premieres Monday, June 8 at 10 pm/ET) is speaking out in response to a recent interview with More magazine that gave the impression that she regretted doing a nude scene in the Season 4 finale episode. "They made it sound like I was like, 'They made me take my clothes off and chained me to the bathtub,'" Parker says.

In the scene in question, Parker's character, suburban single mom/drug queenpin Nancy Botwin, sits in the tub and reflects on the many obstacles she faces. The long takes do not shy away from Botwin's nakedness — both physical and emotional. The More article, which was excerpted online under the ironic headline of "I Like to Reveal Myself," quotes the actress as saying that she didn't think she needed to be naked, and that she fought with the director about it, which made her bitter.

Not exactly, says Parker. "It made it seem like we were fighting, and nobody's fighting," says Parker, who repeatedly sang the praises of the show's creative team. Instead, she says, she was discussing the difference between editing styles in film versus television. "I was talking about that scene as an example of something I didn't love as much when I saw it because they kept cutting back and I was naked, but they liked the position of it."

But Parker wants to be clear that it wasn't the nudity that bothered her. "I mean, if you know me, it's like, someone sneezes and I take my clothes off," she says. "I'm naked in Esquire in August. I was naked on the set the other day. I'm always naked. I'm naked right now, in fact," she jokes.

Weeds season 4 is now available in standard definition and HD on iTunes. It was also released on DVD last week.
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