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Can Angelina Really Be the Most Powerful Celeb?

How does Forbes define power for their rankings? How is Angie at the top?
—Glimmrmoon, via Twitter

Unlike some mags, who throw together "hot" lists just to lure stars into parties or interviews, Forbes crunches real numbers. In the case of the Forbes Celebrity 100, the editors used two factors: earned income and recognizability (media mentions and magazine covers).

Recognizability can, in turn, indicate future income and influence. The Oprah makes many more dollars than Angelina Jolie, and she lords over Chicago from a sky-high pied-à-terre. But between her tabloid adventures, worldwide charities and mega-million-dollar movie deals, Jolie reigns over the entire planet. Hence her No. 1 spot.

And as for you hormone-jacked Twihards who keep asking why Robert Pattinson didn't make the Forbes list, there's your answer...

He has exactly half of what he needs to earn a spot. I'll let you guess which half.

Onward to other hot lists, many of which are much more political and backbiting than you might believe.

According to one magazine source of mine, most of the mag lists that determine simple, subjective "hotness"—Maxim, FHM, etc.—are about much more than mere beauty. If a celeb isn't willing to pimp the mag, or at least sit still for a photo, that star suddenly becomes not so hot.

"Editors try to go for the people with a project currently out or coming out, and publicists lobby big-time to get on those lists," says my source, who has worked at several lad mags and celeb weeklies.

"And the editors check the availability. They will not put someone at No. 1 who can't come to the list party."

So if your R.Pattz somehow fails to appear at No. 1 on a pretty-people list, it could be that the editors just don't find him all that hot. Or maybe he just feels like staying home.


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