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Who's gay on Heroes? Or rather, who ISN'T?

During the run of last season, fans asked Heroes writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete:

"A few weeks ago you commented on having a gay/lesbian/bisexual character on 'Heroes.' Who is this character? Is this a character we already know? Is it a recurring or old character? If it's a new character, what can you tell us about this character? When will we see this storyline appear? Will they find love on ‘Heroes?’"

To which they replied:

As we speak the writers are reconvening to get started on Season 4 and this is one of the very issues we will be discussing. Answers to this question coming in the not too distant future.

This week another interesting casting announcement was made, and the character description revealed the following...

Of course, if the question is about Heroes, the answer is always fucking CLAIRE BENNETT

THR reports that Rachel Melvin from "Days of our Lives" has joined the cast of Heroes as Claire's second roommate. If you read our post on the leaked picture of the production draft, you should not be surprised that the name of Melvin’s character is Annie. However, THR goes further and says that she "will also share sleeping quarters (and maybe more) with Claire."

On an interview with CBR, producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete mentioned the possibility of an LGBT character coming next season. Or was it coming out next season?

Many fans of Hayden Panettiere will be very happy to see her share a kiss with Rachel Melvin.

Melvin, who left "Days of Our Lives" in March after four years, recently earned her second Daytime Emmy nomination for her role as Chelsea Brady on the daytime drama.

Of course. Whatever. The only pairing I care about is:

With naked Sylar thrown in there for good measure. Give me some fucking violent love/hate threesome visuals, show!

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