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oh shit. The new Christina era has just begun.

HMV released the title to Aguilera's new album..........


LEGENDTINA is coming.

More album details:

In a new interview, Ladytron talk Christina:

The group's next unexpected first will occur later this year when pop superstar Christina Aguilera releases her next album, to include a series of collaborations with Ladytron. "It is, obviously, a strange experience," says Wu, who was surprised to find CDs by Elastica and CSS in Aguilera's car last time he visited her in Los Angeles. Expect the resulting tracks to satisfy Ladytron's interest in really weird stuff that humanity has created.

Other collabs include Sia (Breathe Me), Goldfrapp (Ooh La La), DJ Premier (Ain't No Other man), Tricky (Umbrella), Linda Perry (Beautiful), and more people we don't know about. She confirmed that she'll be in the studio for 2 more months finishing up the record!

Her visual theme for the album will be High Fashion inspired with a fusion of Andy Warhol. With the all important hair... this bitch better fix her bangs and go back to black.

Poor haters....

Uh oh....

- LiveDaily via HMV

* Meanwhile, Christina's LD forum is in the midst of some major hotmess drama that has dragged on for the past 4 to 5 days...something about a Mod stealing money from other members and shit -_-This album news has helped many change the fucking subject.
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