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Kelly Ripa to Mark: Just Say No to Dancing

They want him, but Kelly Ripa's hubby Mark Consuelos ain't gonna be putting on his dancing shoes anytime soon.

Consuelos tells me that the producers of Dancing With the Stars have asked him to be on the show.

"I'd rather jump through a plate glass window on fire than dance in front of America," he says.

But Ripa must be wanting him to do a little jig or some waltzing, no?

"No!" Consuelos says. "She knows how bad I am. It would be so, so bad."

But that doesn't mean he's down on all reality TV. Far from it.

Case in point: Masters of Reception, a new reality show following a family-owned catering company in New Jersey, produced by Consuelos and Ripa's Milojo Productions, premieres next Friday on TLC.

Hmmm…Sounds like The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Manzo family, who own a catering hall called the Brownstone. "I love that show," Consuelos says of the Real Housewives, "but whatever feelings you get with that show, you are going to get the opposite feeling with Masters of Reception. It's a feel-good story."

And feel-good family stories are right up Mark and Kelly's street. No matter how busy they are, Consuelos says he and Ripa are with their three kids more often than people usually assume. He's now helping to promote Make Every Touch Count, a new Boys & Girls Club of America campaign promoting the importance of family.

"Unless I'm on location somewhere or she's on location, Monday through Friday we are sitting down between 6 and 6:30 and having family dinner," Consuelos says. "The kids are telling us what happened with school, and we're talking about how our day was, and then we tuck the kids in at night."

When Hayley says no, you listen.

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