erika (eyreekah) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

you guys, i met john krasinski last night.

he was sitting on a bench outside of anotheroom in tribeca, smoking a cigarette and hanging out w/ his dog. i wasn't sure if it was him so i was seriously staring. anyway, i asked him if i could pet his dog and if i could take a photo w/ him since i'm a huge fan. oh god, his voice is so smooth, it's like VELVET. we talked about dogs for a bit (and how mine would smell his dog's scent on me & go ape shit). he was totally chill and very polite. i'd hit it. times 5.

source: me, holla

sorry mods - uploaded resized pic to tinypic!

ETA - his dog is a red fox lab & i had to ask him several times because my heart was pounding in my frickin ears out of shock that I. WAS. TALKING. WITH. JOHN. KRASINSKI. and his name is finn, which i think is adorable. also, we shook hands and he has a very firm handshake. the conversation was like this:

e: hi, may i pet your dog?
j: sure!
*dog talk ensues*
e: (i stand up, offer my hand) hi, i'm erika. nice to meet you.
j: HI! it's nice to meet you!
*crazy fan talk ensues*
e: i never do this but i'm such a huge fan.. may i take a photo w/ you?
j: of course!
*then he proposes and i accept*
*then more dog talk and i leave, shaking and crying*
Tags: celebrity encounter, the office (nbc)

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