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Wale Says Lady Gaga Brings "Bad Girl" Vibe To Chillin'

When Wale announced the release of his single “Chillin’ ” in April, it was met with a few raised eyebrows. The D.C. MC had enlisted Lady Gaga for the track, and many wondered how the performance-art, dance-pop princess would fit in Wale’s world of go-go and clever flows. They also wondered if it were just an attempt to garner some notoriety for the up-and-coming rapper standing alongside the hugely popular Gaga.

Once the song was released, others wondered why he hadn’t just grabbed M.I.A for the hook; Gaga’s “Chillin’ ” chorus sounds eerily similar to M.I.A.’s world-traveled flow. When MTV News caught up with Wale on the video set for “Chillin’,” he said his goal was to go against the status quo of what a hip-hop track should sound like.

“Diddy, Kanye and Jay are always the first ones to do something, and I like to think of myself as the first person of the new class to kind of step out of the box,” Wale said. “It’s 2009 now. Jay-Z is doing sold-out arenas with Kelly Clarkson. It’s world music now. I want ‘Chillin’ ‘ to be a celebration of that.”

and for people who didn't see it:

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