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I miss when Ted wasn't batting clean-up for Team Twatlight :(

Blind Vice: Not-So-Secret Bisexual Twilight Star

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The funny thing about the uproar over whether or not Robsten exists (they "so" do, as sources from Summit have even told us) is this: There's an equally sex-a-licious member of the Twilight team who's making tongues wiggle, wag and gossip in overdrive!

Meet Terry Tush-Trade, who likes both boys and girls. I mean, why limit yourself to just one sex, isn't that every bisexual's mantra? It certainly is that of Triple-T, who's as smooth about hooking up with members of both sexes as Ashley Greene is about finagling photo ops.

One question, though: Does Terry's also-famous partner know about Tush-Trade's predilection for both sexes?


That's precisely why they work so well together. See, Terry's other half also likes to swing both ways. Uh, are you getting absolutely dingbat dizzy at this point?

Well, hang on, because it's just begun: Terry, so slim, so hot, so breathtakingly badass, and said partner were brought together in the first place because somebody else who possesses major power in the Twilight franchise also likes to get it on, bisexual-style. And there's even more!

Terry's gotten it on up in Vancouver, and elsewhere, with somebody besides the significant other everybody's always photographing TTT with. And it's created a messy, sticky sitch within the cast. So much so, the upcoming filming of Eclipse is going to make The Hills seem like a Golden Girls rerun.

Cannot wait.

And it ain't: Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Reaser, Chris Weitz


Dear Ted:
Love your column. It's refreshing to read this stuff and not feel dumber for having done it. What is the scoop on Josh Brolin cheating on his wife, Diane Lane? Has Brolin been a past Blind Vice?

Dear Digging For Dirt:
You bet Brolin has been a Blind Vice. And kind of recently, too.

Dear Ted:
I do love your blog, I read it every day, and I love the Blind Vices, so I was wondering, is Dommy Do-Rightly Katherine Heigl and is Toothy T.R. Knight?
—R. Castela

Dear Way Off:
Sorry, but T.R. is out of the closet, so he can't be Toothy! As for Kath, right hair color, but wrong bad 'tude gal.

Dear Ted:
Your so-called article about Candy and Tori Spelling was horrible. Where did you go to school? Did they teach you to write? Did you actually get paid for this? You should be embarrassed.

Dear Candy Spelling:
Nice try.

Dear Ted:
Has the Toothy Tile creature convinced himself that he is straight? Your response to a question in an earlier post said that the "she" in his life has convinced herself he's different for her, which leads me to think that maybe he has succeeded in being different or at least wants to be? Or is he just a ticking time bomb about to implode?

Dear Toothy Politics:
I thought publicity-craving, love-life-distorting, emotionally cruel egomaniacs exploded? Preferably within the confines of the Awful Truth! Regardless, yes, Toothy and his woman and most of their insipid retinue are fooling themselves increasingly on an hourly basis.

Dear Ted:
Someone seems to think that Ed Westwick is Nevis Divine. Can you confirm or deny this silly rumor?
—Need to Know

Dear Gossip Girl:
Very close. But we haven't written about Ed's vice. Yet.

Dear Ted:
I love your column. I know it's been said. I hate the yellow. Too damn perky for the smut you peddle. Anyhoo, just curious: Has Jennifer Aniston ever been a B.V.?
—Leann, Minnesota

Dear New to the Party:
The yellow's here to stay, doll. And no, Aniston is far too boring to be a Blind Vice. But a lot of her men surely have been.

Dear Ted:
I'm kind of new to the Blind Vices, but I can't help but think that Toothy Tile is John Stamos. Am I close?
—The Doctor Is Out?

Dear Gaymos:
Rebecca's ex-hubby didn't leave her for a guy.

Dear Ted:
Does Toothy Twitter?

Dear Tech-Savvy:
I don't Twitter with him.

Dear Ted:
You have been doing this column for a long time, and I am sure you know the ins and outs of Hollywood. Is there a star, male or female, who is really a good, decent person deep down who does not follow the B.S. of T-town but who beats to their own drum? Surprise me with your answer.

Dear Everything Old Is New:
Why the hell do you think I'm hot for R.Pattz? He's not a follower. So unusual here.

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