Pretty on the Inside (wikkidraven) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Pretty on the Inside

Hide your children, this is their future.

WILD child PEACHES GELDOF has claimed she's a better role model for young girls than Disney actress MILEY CYRUS.

Peaches, 20, recently divorced from MAX DRUMMEY after six months of marriage, was once filmed making a drug deal and has also been rushed to hospital after collapsing from a suspected overdose. But SIR BOB'S daughter reckons she's the one kids should look up instead of sixteen-year-old Miley.

Peaches said: "Maybe I'm a better role model than people like Miley Cyrus.

"These girls that have been upheld as role models who are literally just girls who have been ferried from place to place, media trained, told what to do and just like complete veneers of people - people who are not even real.

"I've made mistakes, now I've come up from that and I've really bettered myself.

"I did my growing up in the spotlight and that is kind of difficult but I was born into it. It used to be something I had so much fun with, it was tumultuous.

"And now I'm like a woman now."

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