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Real Housewife Teresa Launches Jersey-Style Clothing, Accessories Line

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice has launched TG Fabulicious, a clothing and accessories line (soon to include lip gloss), because, as she says on her blog, "I've been getting a lot requests for t-shirts with my phrases."

"Happy wife, happy life" was what Teresa's husband Joe said in response to whether or not she should get buh-bees. You can purchase his words of wisdom on a T-shirt for $30, and on a baseball cap for $25.

Technically, "delicious" is a word, and not a phrase. It can be yours on a baseball cap for $25, or a T-shirt for $30.

"Love, love, love" is not a command, but rather, how Teresa feels about her three daughters.

Teresa's 7-year-old daughter Gia is an aspiring model/actress, which was probably the inspiration for this "Model, Model" children's shirt that costs $30.

Teresa is also selling three children's charm bracelets named after her girls, that are expensive pieces of costume jewelry to give to kids ages 7 and under. This Milania Fantasy Bracelet is $130.

The Gia Bracelet is $105 worth of cubic zirconia.

The Gabriella Bracelet, featuring such charms as a bikini top, tube of lipstick and what appears to be a champagne bottle on ice, is $170.

Also for sale are a large selection of children's hair accessories, like the ones Teresa's daughter's wear on the show, that range from $15 - $35.

There's a lot of marabou in this collection.

And a lot of leopard print.

And a lot of combination of both.

I know there were already some RHNJ posts today, but I couldn't resist this one. Who would buy this stuff?? It looks like junk they give away at Claire's. You know, buy 37, get the 38th one free.
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