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Betty White >>>> You

Betty White and Jesse James Have Flirt-Fest On Set

Is Betty White the latest cougar?

"Every time he came around, it was like flirt-fest," Sandra Bullock joked about the rapport between her husband, Jesse James, 40, and White, 87, who costars in The Proposal, out June 19.

"There was a little something going on with [Betty] and Jesse. There was a little eyeing, a little touching," Bullock told reporters while promoting the movie last weekend in L.A.

White countered quickly: "Very little touching, very little touching."

Speaking with PEOPLE, White explained, "Jesse came to see [Sandra] a couple of times. He's interesting. I don't think there is a square quarter inch on him that isn't tattooed. And I love it."

The former Golden Girl added of James, "Finally somebody asked Sandra, 'Do the tattoos ever bother you?' She said, 'No, no. At night when I can't sleep, I just roll over and read him.' "

White, a well-known animal rights activist, says that she found a connection with pet owners Bullock, 44, and James, who have two dogs that are missing legs.

"They also had three little Chihuahuas, one with three legs and one with two legs," White said. "Come to find out it was Jesse, Mr. Macho Motorcycle Tattoo Man, who keeps bringing them home. She said, 'Jesse, we cannot have another handicapped dog.' [He said], 'Oh, yes we can.' [He is] a big softie."

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