Elisabeth Shue is Ready to Kick Some Pirahna Ass

Here's a picture of Elisabeth Shue on the set of "Pirahna 3D" in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

Jesus, is she going to wrestle the damn pirahnas and engage them in hand-to-hand combat?? She must be training with Madonna's people.


Also, porn star Riley Steele talked about her role in the movie. She gives some spoilery details about her character, as well as the characters played by Jerry O'Connell, Jessica Szohr, and Kelly Brook.

"She's a girl who's out to have fun," Steele says. And she means that quite literally, Crystal is one of the stars of the film's Wild, Wild Girls, a spin on Girls Gone Wild. "Me and Danni [Kelly Brook] go out and basically trying to get innocent Kelly [Jessica Szohr] to become a Wild, Wild Girl with me. So, I'm basically playing myself."

Steele's untamed lifestyle ultimately leads to her demise, a scene she tells us she is in the midst of shooting this week with co-star Jerry O'Connell. "I haven't seen any blood yet but I heard there's going to be some today. Yesterday we filmed a scene where we all die. Jerry O'Connell is playing the director, or the owner, of the Wild, Wild Girls and we fall off of this boat and he kills me trying to save himself," she laughs. "A huge piranha eats through my head and comes out of my mouth. A death scene in 3-D, eating through our faces, everything!"


This movie sounds kind of awesome, Y/N?