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Pasdar. Also, some Heroes spoilers.

Tim Kring, creator of Heroes, has revealed several plotlines for the upcoming season of Heroes, while E! Online has a small spoilery blurb about Hiro. So to the 13 of you that are still watching, spoilers behind the cut.

We're all very excited about the next volume of Heroes(volume 5) called "REDEMPTION." All of our characters, in way or another, return to their normal lives after the turmoil and tragedy of "FUGITIVES."

One of the big issues we'll be exploring is how should a person with abilities live his or her life. Should they try to assimilate by hiding their abilities, or should they live more honestly, exposing their powers to the world?

Claire will be at the forefront of that issue, starting college in Washington, D.C., and trying to discover, as all college kids do, who she really is. But re-adjusting to normal life won’t be easy, especially when Claire is caught in the crossfire of her parent’s divorce and a mysterious suicide on campus.

Meanwhile, Peter and Nathan are trying to get their lives back on track. Peter is trying to be a hero in the purest sense — saving on life at a time. But that means cutting himself off from friends and family. It's only when Peter makes a romantic connection with a fascinating new "powerful" woman that he'll find out that life means staying connected to others. Nathan is discovering new things about himself everyday, mostly due to the fact that he's actually Sylar.

Matt will have to live with the guilt of what he did to Sylar; making his attempts to live a normal life with his wife and child virtually impossible.

Noah Bennet (HRG), with the help of Tracy Strauss, Angela Petrelli and all of our Heroes, is tasked with forming a new COMPANY. But that new organization won't be concerned with conspiracies and prisons anymore. It will be about people. Finding them. Connecting to them. And figuring out why so many of them have been seduced by another "organization" out there that treats people with abilities in a fascinating, dangerous and potentially deadly new way.

Ugh, I don't care about Claire and her stupid vapid drama. This is just the same old bullshit again except this time she's in college. And Peter gets a girlfriend. She'll be dead by episode 3. I swear that guy's penis is like Death's sickle.

But I'm so excited about Bennet, Tracy, and Angela working together. Jesus Christ that's like some fucking badass shit that I can't even fucking believe. Motherfucking bring it!!

On the Hiro front:

Mike in Alton, Ill.: I was wondering if you knew anything about the next season of Heroes.
Hiro's (Masi Oka) bloody noses and headaches are not going away next season on Heroes. In fact, it's going to be a cause for speculation on if we're going to lose another hero soon.

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