Hey Kids! Its Time For Groupie Stories!



How y'all meet?
I meet Bow Wow at a party. Prior to meeting Bow I had no intrest in meeting him, I had bigger fish to fry. I'm a tad bit older than Bow Wow and always looked at him as a child star. He was so cute and innocent looking and I could not resist. So we chatted and had a drink or two. We exchanged information and texted each other over the next few weeks. He had a lot of stuff to say about how he can do this and that. Like make me c*m without touching me and sh*t like that. All in all he has a big ego for such a little guy.

What was he like in bed?
Finally I decided to see what the real deal was with Bow wow. He gave me directions to his place and I was on my way.  He came to the door with a t-shirt and briefs on. Bow wow is much smaller with out being fully clothed and I laughed to myself.  He was obviously intoxicated with something when I arrived to his place. We exchanged a few words and he began to kiss me. He has very soft lips to go along with the the soft features of his face. But I was curious to see what this little guy was packing. I felt his hard dick through his breifs and got excited. So I went straight for it, it was a average sized d*ck. I'll estimate it at about 7 in. I began to suck it and watched his facial expression in awe. Bow undressed me and sucked the shit out of my breast, it was an painful experience and had my shit sore the next day. So he kissed me all over and stopped at my p*ssy and looked at me and then proceded to give me some ruff and dry clit attention with his tongue. I stopped him quickly and protested that I wanted to be f*cked. So he put a condom on and I rode the sh*t out of that little dude. We fucked for about 20 mins and he finally released. He likes pulling hair and dam near pulled out a track or two. In the end the d*ck was average.

What would you rate him out of a 5 stars?
I'll give him a 2. I wasn't able to c*m and I felt like I was fucking a 9 Year old.



So I’m chillin at home on a typical Monday night. I really didn’t have any plans, and was basically in for the night. Then my girl hits me up talkin about she got an invite to this album release party over in the meat packing district and she wanted me to come with her. At first I really wasn’t down, but I can say now that it was worth it. So when we finally get in, I’m already pissed off because the a*sholes at the door were taking their jobs way too serious, and were acting like they didn’t give a b*tch an invite! Needless to say, once we got in we headed straight to the bar! Even after drink three, I was still not feeling the party, it was way too crowed and I irritated because I couldn't stop thinking about how I had to be at work early the next morning. I’m trying to make my way from the bar and someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn around, look down, and it’s this n*gga. Semi-attractive, but too short for my taste! And he’s like “I see you buying all these drinks, but my homie said he can buy you the bar!” I start to laugh and ask where’s your friend? He tells me to follow him, and we make our way through the crowd towards the back. We get to the tables and little n*gga offers us a seat, and then disappears. So I’m waiting there, not really checking for the friend, but more so just enjoying the seat. Then up walks Fabolous and he’s like “Yo, I can make you a even better drink back at my room.” Eventually we exchange numbers and he tells me he’ll hit me up afterwards.

I’m on FDR on my way back home and not even expecting it, I get a text from Faboluos telling me to come through. So I’m just like fuck it, and go over there. So he lets me in to this regular ass, king size bed, non-special, no mint on the pillow, $150 a night max, hotel room! LOL! The room may not have been too special, but the view of Battery Park was cool. I sit on the bed, and he’s talkin on the phone, and eventually I interrupt like “Where’s my drink?” Finally he comes over to the bed and is like “I know you didn’t come all the way over here for no drink” and puts his hand on my thigh. I laugh thinking to myself “Naw! I ain’t come for no drink!”And I would swear he read my mind because before I knew it, my tittie was out and he sucking all up on my C cups! So we’re going at it for about 10 minutes, and he starts pushing my head down south. So I knew what time it was! And to be honest, I was anxious to see if Fabolous was really all that fabulous! And the boy was GIVING ME WHAT I NEEDED! It was perfect. Nice length. Good width. Nice head. And butter pecan brown! Good enough to eat! And that’s exactly what I did! After he busted, I got up to go to the bathroom. I guess he couldn’t wait because not after too long he comes in too. He doesn’t even say anything. He just comes behind me over and slides it in! At this point I’m making my way to cloud 9! The strokes are long, deep, and just the right amount of force, just how I like it. But before I could even make it to cloud 4, this n*gga busted again! They say third time’s a charm, but by then I was too tired to wait around and see. So I got my things and left. Overall I’d rate the night good for a slow Monday! But if it had been a fast Friday, I’d definitely be disappointed! LOL! We’ve text a few times since then, but I don’t really expect to keep in touch.


How did you meet Nelly?
Met Nelly like 6 years ago, back in my hometown before I moved to the west coast. I was like 19. He and the St. Lunatics had a concert that my girlfriend and I went to. It was a small venue, so we were in like the 5th row. After the concert one of the body guards came out and pulled us backstage (I’m the baddest chick in the state, they saw that and they got on it.) Well come to find out, it was on of the St. Lunatics (don’t remember his name now. I actually don’t remember any of them, that’s how insignificant they are…lol.) Anyway, one of "them" had me pulled back stage cause he wanted to meet me.

He ended up talking to us (me and my girlfriend) for about 30 minutes and invited us to follow their tour bus to this club around the way. When we got there Nelly and the Lunatics were in VIP. They saw us at the door and motioned for us to come in. And it was on and poppin’, bottles, music, the works. It was a good time. The St. Lunatic (he’s the one that’s really not cute. Damn I can’t think of his name…) said to follow the [tour] bus to the hotel. At this point Nelly had seen me in the VIP and had made his way over. He instantly started spittin' mad game in my ear. And trust me when I tell you he has MAD game. He told us to go to the car and follow the bus, that it would be pullin’ out the alley in 5 minutes.

We start to follow the bus, and like 5 cars of crazy bitches pull out of nowhere and start zooming after this it (apparently we weren’t the only ones invited). So we get to the hotel, park and hurry inside. The ugly St. Lunatic that invited me, saw me and wanted me and my girl to hang out with him. I told him I’d be right back, I just wanted to get Nelly to sign something for me. He said, "Well goodbye, it was nice to know you. ‘Cause once you go see him you won’t come back to me." So, so true.

We go upstairs to the penthouse. There was another girl there, with hellah Nelly shit on. His name was spray painted all over her clothes, like a real groupie. After a minute he takes her out into the hall, and comes back by himself. (Apparently I was the baddest chick. lol.) We smoke some killer weed, he eats mad gummy bears, talks and hangs out for a minute. His boy comes in and converses with my girl while me and Nelly make our way back t o his room.

How was the sex?
His d*ck isn’t the biggest. But he is the freak of the week. He loves to talk. Loves to get head. Loves to have sex, period. Like for hours. He will pass out inside you. Wake up 2 hours later and commence to f*cking. I swear
. It was my first celeb experience and it was amazing.

Are you still in contact?
We have been dealing with each other for 6 years now. Whenever he’s out here, I’m with him. He was a greedy lover at first, but if he gets into you and trust you, he'll go all out.

Jim Jones came to my city on a tour with another rapper. I went to the show with my sister and a couple of our friends. I was a lil intoxicated and ended up losing everybody I was with. On some ol' humbug type shit, I just really asked one of the security guards if I could go backstage....my outfit was pretty hot (lol). I was backstage just walking around and stumbled upon Jimmy and Freaky Zeaky, Jimmy asks me "what I was doing" so me I play the dumb role and was like " I lost my sister", you know the damsel in distress, lol. He asked me to come and chill with them, I'm like "you sure?" He like "yeah", so I'm in there and next thing you know he pulls out some money and I must admit he was holding that night so I'm like "can I have some?" He like "what you gonna give me?" I'm like "whatever baby" so he cash's me out and we are fucking on a table, he just bent me over the table and hit it from the back for like 5 mins, and then put me on my back with one leg on his shoulder(while his dude is watching).It was alright though....you will not believe this guy put his finger in my ass!!!!!!!! I wasn't feeling that at all but hey its his dime. I must admit he's a sweaty muthafucka and he was talking shit too like " you like this bitch" I must admit I kinda liked it...the talking not the sex cause my butt was sore for a couple days!!!! I thought that he gave me like $600.00 but it was more like five something, tell you the truth though...I would have let him get it for free,lol.  If he wasn't sweating so much I think it would have been better. Sweaty Ass!!


 im dead i loled SO hard irl