Kate Gosselin Gave Jon a $5-a-Day Allowance

The new issue of Us Weekly has even more details on Kate Gosselin's tight leash on husband Jon, and the long, strange private dynamic between the deteriorating couple.

"She used to give him only $5 to spend, and if he was out and needed more money, she would give him hell," his former employer at Style Craft Corp, David Rothermel, tells Us.

Rothermel, who fired Jon for misusing company resources and remembers college dropout Jon looking online all day for freebies for the sextuplets, also recalls a very-pregnant-with-sextuplets Kate storming into the office one day.

"She came in raising hell because Jon's father was supposed to bring her lunch and he was late," Rothermel recalls. "She got up out of bed rest to come in and yell at anyone who would listen!" (The Gosselins later publicly concocted a story that Jon was let go by Rothermel because the company didn't want to insure the sextuplets.)

Also during that time, when a friend of Jon's father donated a 14-passenger van to the family, Kate "never thanked him," says a source close to Jon. Instead, "she traded it in because she hated the color burgundy."

During Monday's season premiere, a beaten-down Jon revealed his lack of self-esteem. "I can't write. Some people say I can't talk or breathe right, either." (Kate famously told him once to "stop breathing so loud.") Also on the episode -- the show's highest-rated episode of all time -- Kate admitted she's "been hard" on Jon during the 10 years of their marriage.

"I would never deny that. I've always regretted it," she says.

For more details on Kate's terrifying control over Jon -- including how she banned him from seeing his brothers after his father's funeral, what you didn't see on the TV premiere and how his lack of motivation and love of money have kept him with Kate -- pick up the newest issue of Us Weekly, on stands today.