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So What Happens to Willem Dafoe’s Genitals in Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, Anyway?

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Leave it to Lars von Trier to spoil a perfectly pleasant Sunday evening at Cannes with graphically depicted sexual mutilation. The director's Antichrist — starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe as a husband and wife grieving the death of their young son — made its debut at the film festival yesterday, earning loud boos and baffled reviews. Why? The movie features graphic sex and a talking fox, but most controversial, apparently, are a pair of vivid scenes in which Gainsbourg's character, who's off her meds, commits acts of unprintable violence on the couples' genitals (raves Variety: "[she] finds a way to impale him that Hollywood's leading torture-porn experts will kick themselves over not having dreamed up first"). So what does she do, exactly? Read on only if you want to skip lunch and cross your legs for the rest of the day!

We suppose the following could technically be considered a spoiler, though we can't imagine anyone would want to be taken by surprise by something like this in a movie theater. Are you sure you actually want to read this? Really? Really?? Okay!

Genital torture aheadCollapse )
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