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Who died on the season finale of Grey's Anatomy?

Izzie Stevens & George O'Malley died. Maybe.

- George enlisted in the US Army as a trauma surgeon, and was given the rest of the day off by the Chief. On his way home he got hit by a motherfucking bus. Naturally he was taken to Seattle Grace where he was declared a John Doe. Meredith only found out he was George after he mimed "007" on her hand. He was taken into surgery and flat lined.

- Izzie had her surgery to remove her brain tumor but her memory kept resetting every few minutes. She finally recovered by the end of the episode but flat lined. Despite signing a DNR they tried to resuscitate her. She had a vision of herself in her season 2 prom dress, the elevator doors opened and she saw George dressed in uniform.

CUT TO COMMERCIAL. We will have to wait until next season to find out if they lived or died!

SOURCE: me and my tv

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