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That hot guy from The Tudors looking, well. Hot.

Henry Cavill is in the Summer '09 issue of VMAN magazine, and I... have no coherent words for this picture, tbh. Article is included below the photo. More HQ photo at the second source!

"If Henry Cavill hadn't become an actor, he'd have joined the military. So he says anyway, and he's had plenty of chances to consider the matter. Best known for playing Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, on the Showtime series The Tudors, the chiseled 26-year-old has had the kind of bad luck that will drive a man to ponder his options. First, he narrowly missed being cast as Superman. Then Batman. Then James Bond. And then he found himself shut out of Twilight, despite the endorsement of author Stephenie Meyer. "I was almost to the point of giving up." Cavill recalls. But the military will have to do without him, the English actor's luck has turned. Besides shooting a fourth season of The Tudors, Cavill will star in the upcoming fantasy epic War of the Gods, and in June, he'll appear alongside Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood in Woody Allen's new comedy, Whatever Works.

"Nerve-racking,' Cavill says of working with Allen. "I was flattered that he even wanted to meet with me. But then, when I got cast, it was like 'Ok, now I'd better bring my A-game'". It isn't hard to see why Allen chose Cavill, who brings an unassuming sweetness to his role as the film's Prince Charming-type. And, suffice to say, playing handsome wasn't a stretch for an actor who moonlights as the international face of Dunhill. "I do get asked to read the good-looking bloke quote a lot." Cavill admits. "I'm not...unaware of that aspect of myself. But its just one aspect, and I dont feel I've been pigeonholed." The Allen film behind him, Cavill is enjoying his return to Tudor England. "I actually really love doing the period work, getting into costumes-all that," he says. "Woody wants you to talk the way people really talk. It's very real. So it's kind of nice to go back to The Tudors and put on the doublet and have some fun." - Maya Singer

source 1 and 2.
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