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Jimmy Jack Gemma Mac

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Jimmy Jack's new zombie rockumentary project is set to entice model Gemma Ward back to the big screen and showcase the talents of a Perth band.

The Perth-based filmmaker, who wrote the AFI award winning 2007 film The Black Balloon which starred Toni Collette and Ward, is also hoping to secure former child star Macaulay Culkin to play a lead.

Jack finished the Zombie: Sex, Brains and Rock n' Roll script on Friday - most of which he wrote while a writer-in-residence at city bar Tiger Tiger - and is now beginning the process of securing talent for the new project which he will film in some of his favourite Perth haunts.

The mockumentary, about a rock band made of zombies who have to struggle not to eat their groupies, is a big departure for Jack from the emotional drama of The Black Balloon. And this time around Jack will also direct. He has a Perth band in mind to play the zombie musicians, but has not yet approached the group.

"I will be casting a Perth band as the zombie band because I want it to have that authenticity, make it really seem like a documentary," Jack says. "I don't think actors could convincingly play a band, and have maybe a couple of months before we start filming learning an instrument. Or pick up the little intricacies that I think a band could bring to it."

Jack will soon fly to New York to talk to Culkin about the role of documentary-maker. It is Culkin's comedic performances that have caught Jack's eye. He'd like Culkin to play the quirky documentarian who inserts himself into his own films.

"He's still got that comic timing that made him so good as a kid in Home Alone," Jack says. "That was such a good performance."

Ward would bring her ethereal beauty to the part of the front-man zombie's love interest.

"Her name is Tambourine Girl and she's the love interest for the front man zombie," Jack says. "The love story is kind of interesting, he'll be all kind of romantic, saying things like she's making him feel alive again."

Jack admits that many zombie films are terribly made.

"I actually don't like most zombie movies, they're really badly done," he says. But this will be no ordinary supernatural flick. "I will be directing this film, and it will be a much smaller budget than Black Balloon," Jack says. "I'll shoot it here, in the places where I hang out like Amplifier Bar, Tiger Tiger and Leederville. It will be made like a documentary about a Perth band."

The key to a successful shoot will be not attracting too much attention.

"If we are shooting here I want the crew to be so small that we don't cause any commotion, can shoot people in the background, and at their gigs," he says. "I'm hoping, and I have the feeling that if I make all the decisions to keep it as natural as possible, the cast wont feel like they're in a film."


idk who this guy is, but this movie sounds interesting, and his love for Mac and Home Alone is tops.

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