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Is Seal And Heidi Klum’s “White Trash”-Themed Vow Renewal Ceremony Racist?

Vow-renewal ceremonies are always inherently offensive, but Seal and Heidi Klum really took the (Hostess, cream-filled) cake when they decided to give their ceremony a “white trash” theme. Which begs the questions: Is the concept of white trash offensive? Is it mostly or only offensive when implemented by a German model and a British black man wearing a mullet and American flag jacket?

Here’s the thing with Heidi Klum: She’s never been one to tread carefully when it comes to issues of race, either because she’s German and doesn’t understand America’s brand of political correctness, or because she’s kind of dumb and incredibly self-centered. (We’ll venture to guess it’s a combination.)

For example, we had never really thought much of Heidi and Seal’s relationship, despite their best events to prove to a mostly uncaring public how in looooove they are with one another, until we discovered that she got a tattoo on her forearm made in the “same color as Seal’s skin.” Then there was the time she dressed up as the Hindu goddess Kali for Halloween, wearing someone’s faith as a garish and attention-grabbing scary costume. And now this.

We can’t help but feel that anytime someone pokes fun at a culture - especially one to which they don’t belong - they had better be careful in expressing why they chose to do so and what they hope people will take away from it.

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