Joseph Gordon Levitt doesn't like money OR women

sorry babies, i wish i ownder a scanner but i don't. here is the article that was in the magazine, it's short but pretty good

CALL HIM JOE. That's the first thing you should know about Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and it's the first thing he'll tell you when he grips your hand to shake it. The second thing you should know is that Joe gets it -- he's done a lot of acting in his twenty-eight years, most famously as the mouth kid on Tv's Third Rock from the Sun and most successfully in small films that nobody bothered to see (Mysterious Skin, brick, Stop-Loss), and he gets that most of us are, shall we say, frustrated with the quality movies today. Joe knows this -- he's frustrated, too, and with two starkly different films coming out this summer, one that is small and quirky -- (500) Days of Summer, and one that is...not -- G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra -- he wants to prove that it's possible to coming mainstream appeal with independent vision. We'll see. Even if (500) Days of Summer isn't quite a romantic comedy for everyone (see page 96), and G.I. Joe doesn't plumb the depths of our souls, he's got the right idea.

Esquire: So who's your character in G.I. Joe?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Uh, well, it's, uh, yea...
Esquire: You're not allowed to say?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: That's right.
Esquire: Is he a good guy?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: You want me to answer yes or no questions? I'll tell you what I loved about playing him. He's --
Esquire: It's a him?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: It's a him. But he wears a mask, and --
Esquire: A Mask? This is no way to get famous
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Fame has always been a downside to acting for me. It gives me the creeps.
Esquire: Even the women? The money?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I have a lot of trouble getting turned on by girls who are turned on by a celebrity.
Esquire: It seems as if it's no fun being an actor anymore. The big money's drying up, paparazzi are always watching, everyone ends up in rehab.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Today's a great time to be any creative type of person, I think, and in just about every aspect of creativity, this generation is going to blow away every generation ever. Because we're the first ones with the Internet. I can get together with some friends, shoot a movie, cut it on my laptop at home, and then put it online. We don't have to listen to anyone.
Esquire: But if everyone does that, don't we just end up with a lot of crap?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Two things I have to say to that: One, in case you haven't noticed, most of what Hollywood puts out is crap anyway. And two, here's the new art of the twenty-first century: the art of curating, that art of plucking all the good stuff from a superabundance of crap. And then, when everything's online, you can check out the recommendations of people, of curators, you trust. On any given night, your chances of being able to watch a good movie will be higher. Why should you watch something that's not great?
Esquire: Because we have low expectations?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I know. It bothers me. People's expectations should be higher. All of us have to man up a little and be like, Okay, we're not going to see any more shitty movies. Enough is enough.
Esquire: Enough is enough. No more shitty movies. Something we all can agree on.

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Source: My kodak camera & my dad's Esquire mag