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Hugh Jackman & Daniel Henney on Gold Miss

Hugh & Daniel appeared on a korean variety show called Gold Miss (The Gold Miss are Coming). It's a matchmaking program for eligible female celebrities and they had a contest to see which three women would be able to go on a dream date with either Jackman or Henney.
This was taped & aired last month but the subtitled videos just came out about a week ago.

notes from the uploader:
- Not all the captions/bubbles that pop up in Korean are translated but the dialogue is.
It takes too long to translate every bubble or thingy that pops up, but I did add some of the ones I thought were funny.
- The blue annotations are the notes that the staff wrote, or what the narrator says at the beginning. Staff meaning the CG (Computer Graphics) people.
- The silver annotations are the captions that pop up during the video.-
- The red is dialogue.

There's a small error at 5:27. The video goes back like 30 seconds and plays it again. Skip to 6:08 at 5:27.

youtube playlist
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