Cassie's "Must Be Love" Video Treatment

The music video treatment for Cassie's new single Must Be Love has just leaked. The video is set to be shot by Bernard Gourley, who has previously directed videos for The Backstreet Boys, Flo-Rida, M.I.A., Deftones, and Kanye West.

The video will take place in an apartment during a summer heatwave, and will primarily focus on Cassie's relationship with her song's featured artisy, Diddy. Check out the first part of the video treatment below.

Must Be Love

April 21st, 2009

Cassie featuring P. Diddy
Music Video Treatment
Director: Bernard Gourley
Link to director’s reel

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When I listen to “Must Be Love” I want to see something smoldering and sensual… something cinematic… something dripping with desire…. So, that’s the video I want to make….

It’s the middle of a heat wave…. We can establish this with a series of detail shots: a vintage fan oscillates on a small table, while we see an extreme close-up of an ice cube tracing a set of full lips (presumably Cassie trying to beat the heat figuratively and literally)… we see condensation building on the air condition unit in the window… the condensation drips down the wall like sweat… I want to tell a story through mood and evoke emotion with dramatic images that grab you….

In the movie “Hero” with Jet Lee, the director created an intense mood with dramatic lighting and detail shots of water dripping around the the two characters fighting. The water became a vehicle to build tension…. I want to do something similar throughout this video…. I want continually build tension with the lighting, cinematography and details that tell the story of an extraordinarily hot day inside two adjoining apartments…. Of course the heat becomes a metaphor for love….

That being said, I want to focus most of the video on Cassie and P. Diddy…. Their performances will drive this video….

The setting is simple but dramatic. Two modest adjoining apartments become the performance set for both Cassie and P. Diddy as they internalize the desire they drop in their lyrics. I want to separate Cassie and Diddy by a single wall…. The wall becomes the focal point of their performances. They appear to be on opposite sides of the wall…. While Diddy is spitting his rhymes, Cassie is leaning against the wall on the other side feeling what he’s saying through the wall…. The scene is hot and sexy…. They dominate the screen with their performance and sensuality. I’ll create gorgeous symmetrical images of Cassie on one side and Diddy on the other side of the wall that separates them….

Lighting Reference


The dynamic that the wall creates becomes a powerful tool to accentuate each of their performances…. While Diddy is spitting with his back to the wall, turned as if talking over his shoulder towards the wall, we see Cassie on the other side, soaking it up…. And vise-a-verse-a…. It seems like they are talking to each other, about each other…. But, with the wall between them we really never know…. All the while, the heat wave continues…. Hot cutaways of Cassie give us lot’s of opportunity to create amazing beauty shots that are stunning and visceral…. Cutaways of Diddy speak to his masculinity and charisma as we carve him out of the scene with dramatic lighting….

In the 2nd third of the video, we start to see extreme close-up detail shots of the droplets of condensation start to bubble and sizzle and turn to steam. The paint starts to blister and peal. A wide shot of Cassie on one side and Diddy on the other shows the wall darkening as if it were being scorched by the heat radiating from Didddy and Cassie while they literally start to bring the wall to its combustion point through their performances…. Tastefully and organically, smoke starts to build…. We see it coming out of the floor molding at their feet, a crack in the wall, etc….  The wall is smoldering between their desires….  We even see a flame or two…. The scene builds to a climactic moment….  And we lose each of their silhouettes in the smoke… the frame fills with smoke, the sun’s beams create a magical light through the smoke filled camera lens…. The smoke clears, and we see Cassie and P. Diddy standing, dripping with sweat, staring at each other with only remnants of a scorched wall between them… and, we fade to black….


I’ll use subtle handheld camera technique that intensifies the experience in a tasteful way…. I’ll use careful framing to create moments that are artful and deliberate like a Gordon Parks photograph….  The visual fx will be tasteful and feel authentic….. I want to create a music video for Cassie and P.Diddy with timeless imagery that is striking and instinctive… while they dominate the screen….