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Perfume: New Song, CM for Pino: 'Night Flight'

Girls of Perfume become cabin attendants on "PINO" TV commercial

The CM -

Article Translation -

Three girls of Perfume appear on the new TV commercial of "Eskimo PINO (エスキモー ピノ)" (ice cream) of Morinaga Nyugyou (森永乳業) starting to be on air on April 29.

It's the 2nd time for them to appear on PINO's TV commercial and the CM is based on the story that has a catch copy "Hitotsubu de sekai ga kawaru. (ひとつぶで世界が変わる, A drop makes the world change.)" Girls who impersonate to the cabin attendant run about inside the plane of fictitious airline "pino AirLines" pushing the cart that is fully loaded of "PINO". It has reflected their charms fully and made like pop and cute mode. Also, it is a viewpoint that they have worn clothes of the same design unlike these years jacket photo, live, and CM.

The CM song is Perfume's new song "NIGHT FLIGHT". Yasutaka Nakata (中田ヤスタカ) wrote the song newly considering the CM concept and its Chaku-uta version will start to be distributed online on April 29.

"PINO" is also going to 'backup' Perfume's one-man live "Disco@ Disco! Disco! (ディスコ!ディスコ!ディスコ!)" held at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyougijyo Daiichi Taiikukan (国立代々木競技場第一体育館, National Yoyogi Athletic Field First Gym) on May 9th and the 10th. The poster of three girls of original uniforms and the cabin attendant appearance that three wore when taking a CM this time is exhibited in the hall. And from May 4th to the 10th, a large-size poster is posted at the closest station in the hall, Tokyo Metro Meiji-jingumae Station. Fans that participate in the live, let's check that by all means!

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