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How Many African Kids Could Celebrity Engagement Rings Feed?

It is a tradition, in Western Culture, for a man to give his future bride a ring to indicate her engagement to be married. In the early 20th century, DeBeers created a marketing campaign that stated a man should spend 2 months salary on a ring in an effort to increase the sale of diamonds. To this day men in the United States still abide by this marketing ploy.

It is estimated that 25,000 people die every day from hunger and related causes. Of those going without food, 230 million live in Sub-Saharan Africa. 25% of these people are children.

What if we could take the decadence of celebrity and use it for good? What if we could take the value of a celebrity engagement ring, a needless object, and apply it to the needs of the world?

p.s. Don't shoot the messenger! Whether or not you agree on the ethics being presented, you can't deny that the numbers are interesting. That's the main reason I posted.