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Dolph Lundgren's wife tied up by robbers... realize who hubby is, and leave.

Armed robbers fled after discovering the home they had broken into belonged to 'tough guy' actor Dolph Lundgren. The masked raiders tied up the star's wife and terrorised her into handing over cash and jewellery by threatening her with knives. But they cut short their raid on the house near Marbella, Spain, after spotting a family photo of the action star and his children in one of the bedrooms.

Police are still hunting the three attackers. An insider said: 'Things might have turned out very differently if Dolph had been in.' The criminals fled as soon as they realised the owner of the house they had raided was someone they wouldn't want to come up against in a fight.
'They left Anette pretty traumatized. She's Dolph's angel and anyone who messes with her is messing with him.'

The Swede, who turns 52 in November, still has a six-pack from training up to six days a week in his local gym. He recently took part in a six-round exhibition fight against a Russian wrestler and boxer in Moscow.

He has been married to jewellery designer wife Anette Qviberg for the past 15 years. Other celebrities with homes in the area - including Simon Cowell, Alan Sugar and Antonio Banderas - are thought to have upped security as a precaution. A source said: 'Police have got very few leads. All three burglars wore balaclavas and they've no real description to go on. 'They're looking at CCTV footage to see if they can advance the inquiry. Dolph's away on business a lot and he's increased security to try to avoid a repeat.

'Anette has even spoken about leaving the area. But Dolph's persuaded her it's a one-off and they should stay put for now.'

Grain of salt with this source: Daily Mail
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