Lady Sybilla: The Darth Vader of Fandom

Apr 23, 2009 – Fandom is raging over the arrival of a new public enemy number one. Step aside, Charles Manson. You, too, Osama Bin Laden. This is the beginning of a new evil empire: the reign of terror of Lady Sybilla, the New Millennium Darth Vader.

She is the Dragon Mother of ancient myths, the one who rises from the depths of the Earth to wipe out an entire civilization. She is Nemesis and Binah, the terrible mother, the bringer of death and destruction. She brings her hideous progeny into the light, Russet Noon, having created it in her workshop of filthy creation--the most disturbing corners of her twisted imagination.

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If anybody dares to get in her way, she will zap you stupid for several seconds with her arsenal of awkward titles. Or perhaps she'll blow you to pieces with a grenade of more melodrama than all of Vh1's "I Love" Shows put together. Like Evil Uncle Scar, she promises to all the hyenas conspiring to destroy her: "Stick with me, and you'll never go hungry again. Join the Dark Side and you shall sell your fanfiction and get away with it."

She was unstoppable until two days ago, when the sky darkened with the return of a right-wing conservative, a President-Bush type of guy who just doesn't wanna let go of the old ways. Peter David is Sybilla's new worthy opponent. He is a comic-book author and Trekkie geek who refuses to retire and is still trying to be a hero after all these years.

Peter David's Potato Moon is the self-proclaimed leader of a new movement. More of an Inquisition, really. A glorious mob aching to bully a lone ranger, indie self-publisher, into exhile.[sic] And with his new communal novel, Potato Moon, Peter David might just succeed at an endeavor at which many have failed so far. Let's see if after all those years of struggling for the lime light, he finally becomes a household name. Before that, however, he must make his attack vicious enough to make Sybilla give up on publishing the Seed of Satan.

While she represents the change that is about to come, he tries to stop the inevitable. December 2012 is near. Civilization is about to undergo a transformational crisis. There will be chaos like Vietnam, but there will also be a great artistic movement like Woodstock to balance it. This is the beginning of a New Aquarian Age--the first era of history when a minority President has just taken over the White House with the blessing of the people.

Under the guidance of this veteran author, Potato Moon, will unite hundreds, if not thousands, of fanficers on the web. Now Sybilla can count on selling milions [sic] of action figures for sure. And so can Peter David. If the fans thought the courtroom drama would be the fun part, they ain't seen nothing yet. Potato Moon starts this Friday, April 24. If you want to be one of the many writers who will fight alongside Peter David, visit his official website:
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And, oh, yes! There will be blood! Ask Charli Siebert if you don't believe it.

[Charli Siebert is the original artist of the blood rose image Sybilla tried to use for the cover of the novel. But due to the request quoted below, Siebert apparently told Sybilla Vader, "Oh! Hell No!"]
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