Spencer confesses to spreading the sex tape rumor

We didn't make the "The Hills" Tuesday night session at PaleyFest -- but those that did reported the big news: Spencer Pratt will finally confess to spreading the sex tape rumors about Lauren Conrad and ex-jason Wahler, the very rumor that ended the best-friendship between Conrad and his fiance Heidi Montag.

Reports THR.com: "We actually have it on tape," Conrad told the crowd. "He takes responsibility and apologizes for it."

But since Conrad has said publicly that she won't be attending the upcoming Speidi nuptials, we're guessing she did not accept.

Elsewhere during the night, Conrad said things with Heidi have reached a point where they can now "be in the same room." (She told us earlier that certain circumstances -- read: Spencer -- will prevent them from ever really reconciling.) MTV exec Liz Gateley defended the cast's intelligence saying, “These folks do talk about a lot of intelligent things -- like global warming -- we just don’t show that on the show.” And producers remain "in talks" about a sixth season sans Conrad.