Beyonce to copyright You Oughta Know & Angel + Already Gone vs. Halo


Beyonce sees something she likes .. and she reportedly takes it. Last week, Beyonce performed a number of hit songs during the Canadian leg of her concert - including Sarah McLaughlan's song Angel and Alanis Morissette's song You Oughta Know.

Now according to one of's snitches -Beyonce is looking to copyright them. Here's what our tipster had to say:
A certain B. Knowles has filed a license to crediting herself as a songwriter for "You Oughta Know" and "Angel", and she has shot videos for both songs to be included in her Diva Deluxe Videography. If you check the files, they would say:

April 6, 2009
Songs set to be commissioned:

writers: B. Knowles, Sarah McLachlan

"You Oughta Know"
writers: B. Knowles, Alanis Morissette, Glen Ballard

"If I Were a Boy (Extended Version)"
writers: B. Knowles, S. Carter, Solange Knowles, BC Jean, Toby Gad

"Halo (Spanish Version)"
writers: B. Knowles, Solange Knowles, Antonio Villarosa, Rafael Cruz, Ryan Tedder, Evan "Kidd" Bogart

No way would Bey try and copyright somebody else's work ... would she ... Well check out below, Bey already copyrighted the LYRICS to the classic song Ave Maria. Wonder if the Catholic church now has to pay her royalties every Sunday...

Halo vs. Already Gone

Ryan Tedder told some radio station in his hometown that he worked with Kelly first and then Beyonce.

He said Beyonce had heard the Kelly song through Ryans mixer and she demanded a song like it. He took Halo's structure and completely changed it.

However, Beyonce CD came out first.

The interview where this is said is supposed to be put up before too long. This was also posted:

This is exactly how it was explained.

-'Halo' had been written/produced/demo'd since January last year. Ryan wrote the song while Apologize was blowing up.

-Simon approached Ryan at some event and asked him to meet with him. Simon went through songs and picked Halo out.

-Kelly started working with Ryan in May or June and he wrote Already Gone with her and fully produced it.

-Leona's handlers said they were going to pass on the track because Leona's schedule was too busy

-Beyonce heard a demo of Already Gone when working with the same guy who mixed AG.

-Beyonce called Ryan up and demanded that he get a track for her that sounded the same.

-Ryan went into the studio and started working a new progression of Halo.

-Beyonce met with him, heard it and recorded it in 2 hours.

-Beyonce rush released her album and decided Halo would be a single so she could beat Kelly's release date and get her track out first.

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