A throwback nostaliga post. Where are they now? Step By Step edition

So the last post I did on "Zoom" seemed to be pretty popular, so I did one on another one of my old favorite shows, Step By Step!

Patrick Duffy/Frank Lambert

Dallas era

Step By Step era


Best known as Bobby Ewing in Dallas, Patrick Duffy’s second most famous role was that of dad Frank Lambert in Step By Step. Since the series ended, Duffy has appeared in a string of TV shows including Family Guy, Reba, Touched by an Angel (lol), and a 2-year stint on the CBS soap The Bold and the Beautiful. Most recently, Duffy also appeared in a series of YouTube originals alongside a puppet crab...no, I’m not joking.

Sources: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001155/

Suzanne Somers/Carol Foster Lambert

Dirty Suzanne

Step By Step Suzanne


Like Patrick Duffy, Somers also found fame before appearing on Step By Step. She is most well known for her role on Three’s Company where she appeared on the show for 5 seasons alongside the late John Ritter before being fired after asking for a raise. After Step By Step she had a short gig on Candid Camera. Somers announced in spring 2001 that she had breast cancer and she was treated with conventional surgery and radiation therapy. Instead of pursuing elective chemotherapy after her treatment, Somers chose an alternative therapy using mistletoe injections. Somers is also a supporter of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

As a business executive, Somers has created a multimillion-dollar lifestyle empire. Through her companies, Somers has created hundreds of personally branded fashion, diet, beauty and exercise products which are marketed through the Home Shopping Network, her website and through Suzanne, a direct sales organization in the vein of Avon or Tupperware. In January, 2007, a wildfire in Southern California destroyed Somers' Malibu home.

Sources: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001755/

Brandon Call/ J.T. Lambert


Early JT

Later JT

Most "recent" pic I could find

Before appearing on Step By Step, Brandon Call had roles on the old NBC soap opera Santa Barbara and on Baywatch. Post Step By Step, Call stopped acting. Not too much can be found on him, but I did find this lolzy antidote on imdb’s message boards.

“Hey everyone I just wanted to inform you a little about Brandon nowadays. Brandon lives in southern California, San Diego county exact, and is married to a very cute petite woman with pretty curly brown hair. He has TWO children and his daughter is very beautiful. He lives in a small gated track home community in a very nice suburb. When I was a teenager I use to work at Domino's Pizza and he use to come in all of the time with his daughter and one day I asked him if he was on Step By Step and he just smiled and said "yeah." I never bugged him about it all. He was very polite everytime I saw him and quiet. His wife was the same. He used to drive a nice large black SUV and a salmon colored smaller sedan. My friend lived a couple houses a way and she always said he was nice. We never asked him questions about his past career, we figured he had moved on. I see him around sometimes.. but I havent spoken to him in about 5 years, so I would guess his kids are about 5-10 years old now. Anyway, thought I would write what I know. Thanks

Random fyi: As his star was rising, Call began receiving better acting opportunities. He auditioned for and was original cast as the star character, "Kevin Arnold," in The Wonder Years, only to be replaced at the last minute by Fred Savage.

source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0130085/

Staci Kenan/Dana Foster

Step By Step Staci

Staci today. Looking good!

Staci Keanan began her career at age four with fashion-show assignments and magazine work. At age eight she moved to New York with her mother and sister and balanced a modeling career with a budding theater career, in addition to keeping a high scholastic record. She won several prestigious scholastic awards, including a City of New York essay contest and the National Language Arts Olympiad. As for her acting career, she branched from modeling into commercials, voice-overs and jingles, and then got roles in several mini-series and TV specials. her first starring role was in the series "My Two Dads" (1987). She received both the Youth In Film Award and Sixteen Magazine's Top TV Newcomer Award for her work on the series. In 1989 Staci made it to the big screen in Step By Step.

After 'Step by Step' was cancelled Staci decided to go to college. She attended UCLA and majored in Art History. She hasn’t done that much after the series…she’s appeared in a few small movies as recently as last month and has done some theater work.
source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0443824/

Angela Watson/Karen Foster

Step By Step days

Today, looking like a soccer mom

Before Step By Step, Watson worked the beauty queen circuit. Over the course of her participation in beauty pageants, she won more than 60 crowns and 200 trophies .After Step By Step she decided to take time off for college and to clear up some serious business after finding out her parents had defrauded her out of over $2.8 million of her child actor earnings. Watson went through the court process and won reimbursement of her money and property, and becoming a Screen Actors Guild leader to young performers. Watson is the national spokesperson for HugsAmerica Charity Events, that offers assistance to everything from child abuse and domestic violence victims, to abandoned or endangered animals, and providing wheelchair accessible vans for families caring for the disabled and the elderly.

Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0914500/bio

Christine Lakin/Alicia “Al” Lambert

Tomboy days on Step By Step

When I started crusing on her haha

Oh hello there

Recent! At the Race to Witch Mountain premiere last month

Ngl, I had a crush on this girl back in the day haha (when she was older and prettier). Christine Lakin got her start acting in commercials before she was cast on Step By Step.
After Step by Step was cancelled, she continued to appear in television movies, including Showtime's Reefer Madness and 2005's Who's Your Daddy?.

In 2006 she was a regular cast member in MTV's Wild 'n Out, an improv comedy show similar in structure to Whose Line Is It Anyway? She also appeared in commercial called "But He Has Bud Light" that aired during Super Bowl XLI, in which her male companion wants to pick up a hitchhiker who has Bud Light beer in one hand and an axe in the other. In 2008 she starred alongside Paris Hilton in the movie The Hottie and the Nottie, which met dismal reviews in the US. As of 2008, she also has several new films in either production or post-production.

She must also be buddies with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, because she also had parts in both “The Game Plan,” and in “Race to Witch Mountain.”


Christopher Castile & Josh Byrne


LOL. This is available @ Amazon fyi

Never had a storyline

I think this is him? That or a look-a-like contest lol

The actual Josh, thanks to mauichic 


Christopher played the nerd Mark Foster and Josh played the youngest brother Brendan Lambert. I combined the 2 of them into one group because A) There is nothing on either of them, and B) No one cared about them anyway haha. According to the one little blip on imdb, Christopher has a pilots license, is engaged to his longtime girlfriend and wrote an autobiography on himself “Being You Is Most Definitely Cool.” LOL…Here is a very poignant review from Amazon:

“I grew up with Chris and personally know that the situations and subjects of this book are absolutely real. I know he owns a jet and has a pilots license that he earned while still in High School. He was the youngest player ever to play in the Greater Greensboro Celebrity Pro Am Tournament, and is a very accomplished actor who has won 5 Young Artist awards. I don't sit at home and watch re-runs of Step by Step, but I think the accomplishments that Chris made so young in life are quite extraordinary. Even after he stopped acting regularly he continued to succeed and accel at everything he did. I have allot of respect for Chris. This book can teach you a thing or two about the pressures of growing up as a celebrity. Chris was working at 7 years old, and yet lived in a 4 bedroom house in Westminster through High School. He was very smart with his money and I'm sure we'll be seeing his name again in the future.”
I love all the grammar errors haha…you may also recognize him from Beethoven 2.

Sources: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0144938/bio

Sasha Mitchell/Cody Lambert

Model days

Remember guise, he's 40 now haha

I remember people used to love Cody on the show. I never knew that he costarred alongside Patrick Duffy in Dallas and that they obviously knew each other when they worked together on Step By Step. Today, the dude is 41 YEARS OLD. Like the majority of the cast, he hasn’t done too much since Step By Step. He made guest appearances on NYPD Blue and Jag and had a 4-episode arc on ER in 2004-05 as a bartender lol.

Mitchell also had to publicly defend himself against his wife's accusations of spousal abuse. Mitchell told Entertainment Tonight in 2002 that his wife suffered from drug addiction and made the claims to sell to tabloids. The actor retains custody of their four children (his wife has limited visitation rights) Paulina Justine (b. 1988), Caroline (b. 1990), Stacy (b. November 1996), and Ethan (b. 1997).

Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0593711/bio

Other characters from the show throughout the seasons:

^FYI..the last row is NOT a comparison haha..it's 2 seperate ppl, Peggy Rea and Emily Mae Young (Lily)

The first row across is Jason Marsden, then and now. He played Rich, JT's bff and who was madly in love with Dana. The second row is Bronson Pinchot, the most annoying character on the show, Jean Luc. The third row is Patrika Darbo, she was only one the first season or two and worked in Carol's salon. She also had a role on Days of our Lives. The last row is Peggy Rea, who also worked in Carol's salon. The last pic is Emily Mae Young who played Lily. She is also famous for her Welch's Grape Juice commericals back in the day.

holla at Port Washington, Wisconsin! and lol @ the cheesy yet awesome theme song with its totally believable CGI Lake Michigan effects