Saucy Adult Film To Be Based On 'Star Trek'

Star TrekCaptain Kirk and Mr. Spock will fulfill many Star Trek fans' wildest fantasies when they stage a threesome with Lt. Uhura in the porn movie adaptation of the sci-fi series.

Kirk and Uhura shocked TV viewers in the 1960s when they shared the first bi-racial kiss on TV - but X-rated moviemaker Axel Braun goes far beyond the final frontier for Hustler Video's This Ain't Star Trek XXX movie. And he's sure actors Evan Stone (Kirk) and Tony DeSergio's (Spock) threeway with Jada Fire's Uhura will be a highlight of the new DVD, which will be released on the same day as J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek movie.

Braun says, "There are five sex scenes in the film but I'm sure the Spock, Kirk and Uhura scene will be one a lot of Trek fans will be keen to see."

And the director insists he has not set out to poke fun at Trekkers with his new film - he's taking it very seriously. He tells WENN, "I was a big fan and I think the fans who see this DVD will be pleasantly surprised. The cast knows this is not something to be taken lightly - Evan, who is one of the world's top porn stars, agreed to cut off his famous blonde hair and dye it dark to play Kirk and Tony DeSergio shaved his eyebrows to play Spock. Sasha Grey, who is a pin-up in the porn world, even agreed to wear vulcan ears for this."

And the plot is deadly serious - the Star Trek crew stumble across a spaceship and find the bodies of the villainous Khan and two alien slaves in suspended animation. Captain Kirk and his crew bring the trio onboard the Enterprise, where Khan attempts to take control after seducing the spaceship's historian.

Braun adds, "This isn't a spoof. I have never wanted to mix comedy with sex."

The director admits he never approached any of the original Star Trek castmembers to appear in his sex movie - but he'll be sending them all a copy of the This Ain't Star Trek XXX DVD.

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