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The Cookthink Questionnaire: Tyler Florence

Celebrity chef Tyler Florence is a Food Network veteran of 10 years with shows Food 911, How to Boil Water and Tyler’s Ultimate. The author of three cookbooks, Tyler Florence’s Real Kitchen, Eat This Book and Tyler’s Ultimate, he’s also partnering with Macy’s for the Macy’s Keep it Cooking Sweepstakes.

Sweet or salty?


Which ingredient(s) do you use most?

Salt or olive oil.

What’s the cooking sound you most love?

The sizzle of bacon fat.

What’s your favorite cooking smell?

Roasting chicken.

What are the qualities you most admire in a dish?


What is your most treasured possession in the kitchen?

My antique butcher block.

What is a dirty word in your kitchen?


What are afraid to do in the kitchen?

Slip on a toy truck.

What won’t you eat?


Have you ever lost your appetite for a food you once loved?

It’s not so much that you lose your appetite, it’s that some things come more in and out of vogue with my palate.

If you could choose one historical or living cook to make you a meal right now, who and what would it be?

I would love to roast a chicken with Julia Child.

Which living cook do you most admire/despise

I don’t despise any — I have too much respect for the craft. And I love so many chefs for their work that it’s hard to pinpoint.

Which food website/blog would you be lost without?

I really like www.tablehopper.com in San Francisco.

What is your favorite food-related word?


What is your favorite food-related scene from literature or the movies?

My two-year-old Hayden and I just can’t get enough of Ratatouille in its entirety.

What’s your favorite food-shopping errand or journey?

Going to Tomales Bay in Northern California for fresh oysters.

To which country would you move for the food?

France, Spain, Italy, who knows. But I’ve got to say, it would be hard to beat living in California as far as ingredients and natural bounty.

To seduce someone, what would you cook?

Some secrets need to remain as such!

What’s your poison?


What’s your standard outfit in the kitchen?


If heaven exists, what do you hope they have on the menu?

House-cured charcuterie.

What are you craving right now?

A macchiato and a cookie.


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