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Andy Richter reveals!

Turns out he knew he'd be back on Conan the night of the final episode:

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AVC: What was the mood like on the final episode of Conan?

AR: It was melancholy, but still pretty jubilant. It was odd for me, too, because I secretly knew that I was coming back, and not many people there knew I was coming back, so for me, I was kind of—it was exciting, just the notion of getting back into it. But some of the entire crew and staff stayed behind to do Jimmy Fallon’s show, some of the people retired. Very few people were left in the lurch in between. A lot of the people were sad it was ending, but excited about the new thing. But you know, there’s just a lot of people moving from New York to California. Mostly what I was doing was just answering questions about how long does it take to drive from Calabasas to Burbank. So I think it was kind of unexpected closure with all kinds of other stuff going on. I don’t think in large meta ways about things—but I was sitting in the makeup chair getting ready, and the title credits came on, and the opening music came on, and I said to the people in makeup, “Holy shit, this really is the last Late Night With Conan O’Brien.” It didn’t hit me until it was already on. I knew he was taking over The Tonight Show, and I had a couple of years to get used to that idea, but I never really thought about that meaning that the other show was going to end. I just was thinking about the new thing. I think there’s also a lot of disbelief over it being 16 years. Just—15 or 16 years, that’s a long goddamn time to be on the air.

Much, much more at the source.

If you haven't seen "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" you should, now that it's out on DVD. HITLERRRR!!!!

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