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Brad sleeps with the nanny and Angie kicks the crap out of him

Ohh man. So. I just thought this was too funny not to share.

Me and my friends, after school and on our way to the bus stop, alway pass by this newsstand to buy some snacks (Ok, not true... Usually Amanda buys them and I make puppy dog faces for her to buy me something too). Today, I convinced my mom to come pick me up so that I didn't need to take the bus.

So I was happily eating some random candy Amanda gave me and waiting in front of the newsstand and started getting bored. I turned around to look if anything remotely interesting had arrived. Nothing.
I didn't even bother reading the covers of those silly magazines about the soap shows, but after a while I did. And this is what I find.

The cover reads basically "Rumour or truth? - Brad Pitt gets caught with the nanny and Angelina Jolie beats him". Bigger pic for w/e reason.

The magazine is one of the silliest things I've ever seen, called "Guia da TeVê", which I just realized translates as "TV Guide" lmao - it costs like, $0.85 dollars, and it was yesterday's edition (I think).
I went inside after taking a pic of the cover (laughing so much I think the lady thought I was crazy) and tried taking a look at the article, but the lady scolded me for trying to read the magazine without buying it. But I did see there weren't any pictures of a bruised Brad or anything like that. Bummer. :/

It was either buying that thing or staying happy and saving a huge ammount of money, so I of course chose the money. I mean, the happiness.

Source: Me, my phone camera, and the newstand a block away from my school. Ooh I already feel ashamed for posting this. /headdesk

(There were also several pics of Jesus Luz dancing at a club with some girl in another magazine, btw. Man that woman looks ugly as hell imo.)
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