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Exclusive: Brian Austin Green cast in The CW's 'Body Politic'

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Does his casting mean the end of "Terminator" and a David Silver cameo on "90210"?

Though the "Beverly Hills 90210" vet is currently a regular on FOX's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," The CW confirms that Brian Austin Green has just secured a role in their "Body Politic" project.

The series, if green lit, will follow young government staffers living and working in Washington, D.C. Green will play Lucky, a D.C. insider who knows everyone in town.

The notorious BAG is just one of several names already attached to "Politic" including Gabrielle Union, Tim Matheson, "Friday Night Lights"' Minka Kelly, "Veronica Mars"' Jason Dohring and "Six Degrees"' Jay Hernandez.

So, does this mean Silverado will never return to Beverly Hills for an appearance as Donna Martin's loving husband on the new "90210"? Not really. He told me he is down and could easily do both.

More importantly for "Terminator" fans, does Green's "Politic" casting signal that the fate of "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" is sealed? Not necessarily. No doubt BAG's involvement in "Politic" is in second position to "T:TSCC," meaning that if "T:TSCC" gets another season, that would be his first priority. Still, the fact that he's looking around is not a good sign for the FOX show. SOURCE

Uh-oh for Terminator. Also, I predict now that BAG and Minka Kelly will be dating by the end of the year.
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