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One Review of "West Side Story" on Broadway by the NY Times: Our Gangs

west side story Pictures, Images and Photos

Even when they’re flashing switchblades and kicking people in the ribs, the teenage hoodlums who maraud through Arthur Laurents’s startlingly sweet new revival of “West Side Story” seem like really nice kids. When a pure-voiced boy soprano (Nicholas Barasch) shows up to perform the musical’s banner anthem, the aching “Somewhere,” it feels like the manifestation of some inner angel who always lurks beneath the surface of the angry adolescents onstage.

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Pictures (in case you were curious)


My mini review if you care- kinda spoilery, so be warnedCollapse )

ETA: Damn, I didn't realize my opinion could cause a minor calamity! What I'm trying to say is that I enjoyed the movie more than the play. I also wasn't sure who was playing Anita that night - if it really was Karen Olivo, then I apologize for mixing her up. I got confused with what my playbill said. That being said, I guess I expected more from her, considering a lot of people seem to love her here. Personally, I didn't love the revival and expected more from it, but please don't let anything discourage you from going if you really wanna see it. That's all I can say.
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