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“Jonas Brothers Home Haunted,” Says Celebrity Psychic Kenny Kingston

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The Jonas Brothers have been advised to exorcise a Hollywood Hills building that they hope to buy.

Celebrity psychic Kenny Kingston claims the former home of Marion Davis, which the pop trio recently expresed an interest in purchasing, has a high-profile history and is haunted by both “good and bad” spirits,

A mysterious fire nearly destroyed the building 20 years ago, and Kingston believes the property should be blessed before the young brothers renovate it and move in.

“I’ve visited that home and it’s frequented by spirits, good and bad,”
the “psychic said in a weekend interview with WENN.

“My spirits tell me the house has a history of bad health and, therefore, the Jonas boys will need to guard their health in this house. The place should be blessed before the brothers move in.”

Kenny warns, “While we were speaking with the spirits on Tuesday, we could smell smoke. This could just be a reminder that the house was the scene of a fire, but it’s more likely an omen of something that is to happen in the future.”

*Share some of your haunted stories ONTD

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