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Britney Spears planning to tour Australia

PLANS are under way for pop superstar Britney Spears to make her first Australian tour.

Leading concert promoters are in talks with the US singer, and tour dates are expected to be scheduled for later this year.

"All the promoters are vying for it, but the bottom line is she really wants to come here and she really wants to come here this year," Sony Australia boss Denis Handlin said.

Handlin spoke to Barry Weiss, the head of Spears' American record label, last week about the tour.

"I think the promoters are battling it out at the moment," he said.

Frontier Touring's Michael Gudinski confirmed he was in discussions with Spears' management.

Gudinski said several promoters had been chasing Spears.

"I don't expect anything will be worked out or finalised for a month, but we're in there," he said.

Spears began her new Circus tour in New Orleans earlier this month.

The stadium spectacular features a rotating stage, acrobats, special effects and a greatest-hits set.

"It will be one of the biggest concert productions to come here," Gudinski said.

The Circus tour opened in the US to rave reviews.

The two-hour show has four acts: Circus; House Of Fun; Freakshow/Peepshow; and Electro-Circ.

Although some critics have panned the troubled mother of two for lip-synching in the show, reviews have been mostly positive.

Spears performs one song on a stripper pole.

The set list includes her controversial new hit, If You Seek Amy.


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