Lady Gaga had to hit a bishhh!

....well not on purpose, of course not! But accidently while perfoming at a radio concert for Vic Latino’s radio station Party 105.

I guess the dancer was.....Star-struck! ba dumm yeahhh....yeahh

-also sorry if you see a scrollbar I dunno how I did it or how to get rid of it

-you might miss it the first time at :19 but they'll show you repeated and in slow mo
ahh I love it when they do it back to back to back

-oh and sorry about the annoying typing I dont know who thought that could be cute...hmmph


longer description from source:

T7Live reports "Grammy award winner Lady Gaga was performing at a radio concert for Vic Latino’s radio station Party 105 when the most freakish of accidents happened leaving her dancer 3 teeth shy of a being a hillbilly. As Lady Gaga was rocking the crowd, keeping up her dance steps, and anticipating her next move, what she wasn’t anticipating is her dancer being that close to her. As she did the Skanky Leg with a one in a half twist, her dancer was doing the half nelson with the sunny side up semi turn and got rocked in the mouth. Within moments, blood was streaming down her mouth"
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