10 worst celebrity mullets lol

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen shocked everyone when she chopped off her long locks, transforming them into some sort of mullet-inspired look.

Before he had Miley, Billy Rae Cyrus had one heck of a mullet to tend to.

As Uncle Jesse on 'Full House,' John Stamos was constantly grooming his beloved mullet.

Michael Bolton gained fame in the '80s for his smooth sound and cascading golden mullet.

Lionel Richie sported a Jheri-curl, afro version of the mullet. Sadly, this still didn't make it cool in any way.

Florence Henderson showcased a maternal mullet style as Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch.

Just when you think the mullet can't get any worse, Jesse Ventura comes out with the bald mullet.

A.C. Slater (aka Mario Lopez) might have stood a chance with Kelly Kapowski on "Saved by the Bell" if not for that tightly-curled, over-gelled mullet!

He may be bald now, but once upon a time tennis champ Andre Agassi had the world's most out-of-control mullet.

Even super studly Brad Pitt caught a case of Mullet Madness in the mid '90s.

IDC how boring and pointless this is.