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Luke Pasqualino and Melissa Walton on OK! Magazine

Teenage drama is where the hot TV action is these days, and it’s the new kids on the block who are providing all the sexy, not to say athletic, spills and thrills – in particular a skateboarder in Skins and a stripper in Hollyoaks!
With his dusky Italian looks and brooding demeanour, Luke Pasqualino is gathering plenty of female attention as troubled Skins hero Freddie, whose reluctance to crack a smile only adds to his charisma.

And this week, a raunchy outdoor sex scene will only raise his heart-throb profile!

Gorgeous Melissa Walton, meanwhile, is enjoying a similarly sizzling time in Hollyoaks, where her character, blonde lapdancer Loretta, gets to strut her stuff under the glitterball this week and cause a commotion in the process.

We’re getting flushed cheeks just thinking about all these saucy shenanigans, so we decided to invite our two camera-friendly stars, both 19, to some exotic lunch at London’s ultra-fashionable Lebanese restaurant Fakhreldine, with its fabulous views of Green Park, where they swapped the goss over their challenging, and occasionally no-holds-barred roles…
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Ollie Barbieri's ep 7 and 8 blog

Well here I am sitting here listening to jazz on radio 2, reading through scripts for episodes 7 and 8 and writing this blog. It’s been a mad few weeks. We spent all of the first week filming scenes from episode 7, my episode and I enjoyed every minute of it. By the end, I had absolutely no energy left whatsoever and all the adrenaline I had been running on had run out. But what a week, I had to annihilate a waste paper bin (which incidentally got its revenge by slicing open my hand when I threw it across the room) and shout at the top of my voice at Jack. The whole week was a challenge for which I was well and truly up.
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