Shirley Manson's New Facebook Note - not quitting music business & having operation

Heroine or Heretic
Today at 3:20am

Darkling Angels
Just a quick note to say
A) It is absolute nonsense that I am "quitting the music industry".
What a load of bollocks. I have no idea where this report came from but it most certainly didn't come from me. I am not a quitter. It's just not my thing.
Perhaps it's wishful thinking on behalf of a journalist or journalists even but oh woopsie too bad, sorry to break it you you but the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

B) I am having an operation tomorrow morning and in the unlikely event that I die or become brain damaged, can I just say that I have had the most wonderful life and can't think of a lovelier way to have lived than to live creatively and have people like you lot support me in that endeavour.
So like I said........just for ass coverage.....
Thankyou and Goodnight. You really have been a quite marvellous audience.


I hope her operation goes well (whatever it's for) and her solo album eventually comes out.