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Keira Knightley talks new projects during 'Edge of Love' interview

CS: You've been keeping pretty busy. I think we've generally been seeing one movie a year from you, but you've been stepping that up a little bit?
Knightley: Yeah, I only did one film last year so I'll only have… well, there'll be two films coming out this year, but I definitely have not taken as many films as I had previously. I've had amazing opportunities and I took all of them (laughs) and I think I've gotten to the point now where I sort of went, "I just need not to move for a minute or two and actually just be in one place with friends and family" because you're living on your own in strange places with people you don't know an awful lot and I think I just needed to touch base again. It's been really great not to work as much, but saying that, I'm starting something at the end of the month and I'm really raring to go. I'm a bit of a workaholic I think but it was great to take some time off.

CS: Is that the William Monaghan or the Mark Romanek movie?
Knightley: It's the Mark Romanek movie ("Never Let Me Down") which is very exciting.

CS: That's a sci-fi thriller?
Knightley: Well, it's not really. Have you read the book?

CS: No, I haven't.
Knightley: You should read the book. It's fascinating. I haven't quite figured out how to describe it yet. It's not really sci-fi. It's set in a parallel kind of present day, although it could be a couple of years earlier, but it's a very quiet, very interesting piece, so it should be very exciting. I highly recommend the book. It's very strange, but I wouldn't necessarily call it sci-fi.

CS: Did you end up doing the Zelda Fitzgerald movie ("The Beautiful and the Damned") yet?
Knightley: That's later on this year, probably at the end of the year.

CS: I have to ask you about this but a while ago, you were attached to a remake of "My Fair Lady," which is fairly obvious casting. I'm not sure you heard recently that Danny Boyle might be interested in directing that, so is that something you're still or wherever interested in doing?
Knightley: Yeah, it's just one of those things. I went up for it about two years ago, and it's been a process of trying to get directors, trying to get other cast members and write to music and remake rights and all that, and I think it's slowly but surely coming together, so fingers crossed, it should be great.

CS: So that's something you might still do?
Knightley: At this point, things go up and down and I don't think anybody really knows for sure what anybody is doing but it's definitely something I'd be interested in doing, and the people they've spoken to me about directing it are very exciting so I think it's potentially a very exciting project.

CS: Have you been producing more or getting more into that avenue in recent years?
Knightley: Yes, I think eventually I'd be very interested in doing that more. I think I've said an awful lot about there not being enough roles for women in film, and I tend to think that instead of just saying that, you should actually do something to create more, so yeah, maybe one day. Yes I helped with this simply because it came around in such a strange way, and obviously, having an higher profile as far as acting goes, my name helps to get some of the money, which is fantastic. So yeah, maybe in the future I'll focus on that a bit more, that would be good. I'd feel like a grown-up if I did that, which is always good.

CS: You mentioned taking some time off and being closer to home. It's been a couple years since you finished the "Pirates" in the Bahamas but Disney's gearing up to try and revive the series. Do you think Elizabeth's story is done at this point or do you think you might be back doing that someday?
Knightley: No, I think Elizabeth's story is over, I suspect. Who knows?

The Full interview can be found at the source.
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