Jason Segel Performs Dracula's Lament Live!

Backstory: So I went to a preview screening of I Love You, Man last week (which is hilarious, btw). Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and John Hamburg were on-hand after the screening for a Q & A. Some dude asks Jason to sing the "vampire song" from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Jason said, "If there was a keyboard here, I'd play it." Little did he know this terrible comedy troupe performed right before the screening, and had a keyboard for their act, so he was forced to play.

Paul Rudd ended up as a human mic stand.

Sorry the video shakes a bit. The dude next to me kept moving and we were on benches, not individual seats.

Side note: I never realized how short Paul Rudd is until this night. I felt like Gigantor when I got a picture with him afterward. No ONTD sign tho... sorry guys!

Source: Me, my youtube channel