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All that I'm after is a life full of laughter

This is a throwback TV post...ZOOM STYLE...where are they today?

Ok, so a few posts down, there were the top 10 worst TV theme songs...and someone posted the Zoom Theme Song, that ridiculous show on PBS that used to be on after school.

...So that got me thinking, what ever happened to those kids? Well, I decided to be a loser and find out!! Which cast member looks the EXACT same as they did 10 years ago and which one DIED???

Zoe Costello

My fave castmate..Was it just me or did this chick always seem to be on the show haha? She currently attends NYU and is set to graduate sometime this year. She also has Facebook. You can find her by searching “Zoe Isabelle Costello”


Zoe then


Jared Nathan

Sadly, Jared is no longer with us. He will killed in a drunk driving car accident and was attending Julliard. Here is the official statement about his death in 2006. “Jared Nathan, a third-year drama student, died on December 28, the result of injuries sustained in a car accident in Hollis, N.H., while he was home in nearby Nashua for the holidays. The 21-year-old actor had already begun a professional career by the time he entered Juilliard. At 13, he had been selected for a 1999 revival of Zoom, a public television show that debuted on WGBH-TV in Boston in the 1970s. At Juilliard, this past semester, Jared performed the roles of Gail in Our Lady of 121st Street and Radu in Mad Forest.”

Jared then:

Jared shortly before his death:

Keiko Yoshida

Everyone remembers the movie “The Ring,” and how it scared the shit out of us when the chick crawled through the tv. Well Keiko appeared in the original, “Ringu.” She now is a Spanish teacher at Canterbury School in CT...My stalking skills found this recent post, only a few weeks ago, on their school site lol

On Sunday, February 15, braving air temperature in the mid 30s and water temperature equally as chilly, Canterbury Spanish teacher Keiko Yoshida led 24 students into Lake Quassapaug in Middlebury, Connecticut for the Penguin Plunge. It was the seventh annual “Plunge”, an event held to raise money for the Connecticut Special Olympics. A record breaking 430 people took part. Together they raised more than $90,000.

Keiko then:

Keiko today:

Pablo Velez.

Not too much on this guy. I just remember he was growing that pre-pubescent mustache and he always looked greasy and unshowered. After Zoom he went on to study at Emerson College and become an associate producer for a Spanish TV show. His most recent credit on imdb is “production assistant” on E! Wildest Cop Show Moments 2…LOL

Pablo "now" shot haha

Alisa Besher

That freckled girl didn’t do anything post-Zoom except star in some unheard of movie called “Orphan.” Born in Russia, she also attends NYU with Zoe! Unfort, I can’t find her Facebook or I’d post a pic.

Alisa then:

Most recent pic I could find of her now:

David Toropov

There isn’t much on the kid, but I remember him being lame on the show. He was the annoying chubster with the bowl cut. He is now attending Bard College in New York. I did find some ~trivia~ about him from lol…He has a cat named Jasmine, he loves to watch baseball, basketball, soccer, football and boxing, His favorite school subjects when on Zoom were social studies and math. And finally, he thought is Zoom castmates would think of him as “intelligent and energetic.”

David then...also couldn't find a recent pic of him

Lynese Browder

There is NOTHING on this chick. Her only gig was Zoom. She attended Pine Manor College, an all girls school in Massachusetts. There is a girl who pops up on Facebook, but idk if it’s her, it might be, I'm just not 100%. You can be the judge.

Lynese then:

Lynese now?

update: REUNION pic! Thanks to:xiggy89x 


This is ONLY season 1 bbs
..mods, I included all sources after the pics
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