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UK Vogue April 2009 : Claudia Schiffer

Why Claudia Schiffer is still a slip of a covergirl at 38

Paul Revoir
09th March 2009

As she took her modelling test shots, all those years ago, Claudia Schiffer was convinced she'd be sent home without a job. The teenager didn't consider herself pretty - and was sure the photographs would prove it.

Instead, time has proven her very, very wrong.

At 38, the willowy beauty is still able to claim the front cover of Vogue.

Miss Schiffer, who lives in West London with her film producer husband Matthew Vaughn, posed for the latest edition of the magazine. The photos show she has not lost her slender figure, even after having children Caspar, six, and Clementine, four.

She is pictured in a range of poses, including a revealing picture where she dons a military jacket over a bare chest and wears ripped jeans and a cap. In the accompanying interview, she reveals that she struggles to keep weight on and 'can't miss a single meal'.

Miss Schiffer, who said she had no plans to stop modelling, also claimed that rather than hating each other a lot of the models fought for each other. She said: 'Yes, there was competition because all of the jobs were divided between us, but we all stuck together and stood up for each other.

'We even used to make group decisions not to do a job if a particular designer had mistreated one of us.'

The German-born model also speaks of her lack of self-confidence at the start of her career.

'I didn't consider myself to be beautiful; I wasn't one of the popular, pretty girls at school,' she said. 'After I was discovered, and did the test shots, I was sure that they would realise they had made a mistake and send me back.'

She added: 'I have always worked out, and I've gone through different phases of yoga, but the combination of Pilates three days a week with yoga is incredible.'

Miss Schiffer also said she would never consider Botox. 'It's poison in my skin and no one knows the longterm effects. I'm far more scared of that than a wrinkle on my forehead. 'All of my friends are my age and we are all aging at the same time. 'We talk about it and moan, but it doesn't bother me.'

See the full interview with Claudia Schiffer in the April issue of Vogue, out Thursday.

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