Radiohead Snubs Miley Cyrus, Once Again Earning Our Eternal Love

For once, Radiohead's notorious standoffishness has been used for good. Forever winning our deep admiration, the band reportedly dissed teen queen Miley Cyrus at the 2009 Grammy Awards. Be still our hearts!

In a recent interview on the Johnjay and Rich radio show, 16-year-old Cyrus hyperactively explained that she idolizes Radiohead more than any other band - but the Hannah Montana star was shocked when the band refused to meet her backstage at the Grammy Awards last month. Wait, this is a surprise? We thought she said she knew all about the band.

According to a very irate Cyrus, Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead would not come meet her or let her into their dressing room, even though Cyrus was only four rooms away.
"If someone, like, said that, like, 'I would cry if I met them. I really want to meet them,' I would freaking, like, run and, like, give them the biggest hug in the world because that's cool, you know?" said Cyrus. "But they were like, 'We don't really do that.'"
She added: "I had already texted all my friends!"

Well, it seems that someone learned a very important lesson about not counting her chickens before they hatch, hmm?
Much of the interview focused on the alleged incident, with Cyrus claiming she was "freakishly obsessed" with Radiohead before continuing to express disbelief that the band was unwilling to meet one of their fans.
"They don't meet one little kid who would cry and make their life? That's the reason you do this!" she exclaimed. "The reason that I'm in the business is because I like making people happy and it's, like, I don't get people like [Radiohead]."
Yes, Miley, you've made that very clear.


I love you, Radiohead.