HSM3 DVD Megapost: Once a wildcat...

HSM3 outsells the the rest of the top five put together. LOL.

DVD Sales Numbers for the week ending Feb 22nd

1 HSM3:Senior Yr. 1,504,342
2 Madagascar 2 456,117
3 Body of Lies 392,483
4 Changeling 281,162
5 Quarantine 221,590

This doesn't include Bluray sales. These numbers are better than HSM1, but still about half of HSM2 first week sales.

Some A lot of never-been-posted pics from BTS and the Japan fan guidebook. Lots of Zef, Lucas, Ash and Van:

Zac being a goofball, from a dvd bonus disc.

Video from the Walmart special I Want it All BTS:

Senior Class Awards (on the bluray but not the dvd):

I haven't found the other bluray-only extras online yet, sorry.

Always a wildcat.

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