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'Clueless' sequel NOT happening

A sound so loud, high-pitched and exuberant filled my cellphone this morning I could barely understand the words that accompanied it. It was a noise I can only describe as a rabid gnome whistle. However, I was able to make out these three words: "Clueless"...sequel...reunion!

As my heart finally caught up with my emotions, I was able to calm down -- along with my pal Oliver on the other end of the phone -- to only be shot down by his next sentence. He said, "I read it on the Internet!" ... Nerds.

We all know that if you Google anything wishful, there's bound to be something living in the ether-web that will confirm it. Go on and try it -- I'll wait. Google, "Is it true Kids Incorporated is coming back to TV?" or try "Brad Pitt breaks up with Angelina and wants to date a normal girl." Someone out there has posted something about it, guaranteed.

In this case, I thought I would get to the bottom of it. So first, I searched for the rumors. Each post I found said that Alicia Silverstone was on Graham Norton's popular UK talk show and she slipped the beans that she will start shooting "Clueless: High School Reunion" in April of this year. Next, I searched for the video clip of the show ... to no avail.

So finally I picked up the phone and called Alicia's PR gal. We gabbed for a minute about Alicia's current play in LA, and what may be up next for her. But, when we got to the "Clueless" sequel, she was all pauses. She said, "I have no idea, Alicia isn't aware of anything ... the only person who would know that is writer Amy Heckerling." I then told her I was ecstatic when I heard the rumor, to which she replied, "Me too ... You guys over there should make it happen!"

So that's the plan folks! I put a call in to Amy Heckerling (writer/director of the original "Clueless") to see if she would even ponder the idea. No reply yet, but maybe if we could all take time from our busy pants dropping schedule to plant trees. write letters to Amy, we could see Cher Horowitz brought back to the big screen. And in conclusion may I please remind you it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty. OK so that last part didn't make sense, but I had to end on a Cher note.


The writing of this article is annoying but in summary; Alicia is not aware of any sequel being in the works and she's never confirmed it so it's not happening!
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